Our Advantages


Our advantage is we plan for pharmacy benefit plan savings, while recognizing that quality patient care and wellness is key to any benefit plan.

How do we achieve and maintain our advantage?

Real Numbers   

We help you plan using your organization’s claim cost history. We engage specialists to provide you with current and projected cost saving analytics, to allow you to plan effectively and know your anticipated savings.


Your workers needs are met with FREE overnight delivery to an address of their choosing.

Commitment to Accuracy

Our affiliated pharmacies use robotic dispensing technology, bar coding, and fiber optic medication counting to maximize efficiency while preserving accuracy


We have over 30 pharmacists on site to take and return calls where and when your workers want, to support safe, dependable communications between our pharmacists and your workers.


Each plan is unique because your organization is unique. We can help you and your team design a benefit plan that meets your objectives.

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