Drug Recalls by Health Canada

Health Advisories

Unauthorized injectable drugs and medical devices seized from Vivian Spa in Mississauga, ON, may pose serious health risks
Health Canada has seized several injectable drugs and medical devices, including products labelled to contain botulinum toxin type A or hyaluronic acid from Vivian Spa, located at 11-3415 Dixie Road, Mississauga, Ontario, because they are unauthorized and may pose serious health risks. These products may have been administered as treatments for cosmetic purposes.
Ombrelle Garnier Complete Dry Mist Spray sunscreen recalled due to elevated benzene levels
Ombrelle Canada is recalling all lots of Ombrelle Garnier Complete Dry Mist Spray sunscreen, SPF30 and SPF 60, due to elevated levels of benzene. Frequent and long-term exposure (e.g., through the skin and by inhalation) to elevated levels of benzene may pose serious health risks.
Two lots of Novo-Gesic Forte/Acetaminophen recalled due to labelling error that may lead to overdose and in the most severe cases, death
Teva Canada is recalling two lots of Novo-Gesic Forte/Acetaminophen tablets, sold in 500 mg tablets, due to a labelling error that could result in a person exceeding the maximum daily dosage for acetaminophen.