Delivering your medicine where you need it, when you need it!  Serving Manitoba, Kivalliq Region and Northwestern Ontario.  Emergency delivery services available.

SpiritRx Services has been providing northern medication delivery to people in rural and remote communities as well as Health Centres and Nursing Stations for almost a generation.  For Healthcare facilities, our award winning approach ensures nurses and prescribers have a clean, clear understanding of current medication profiles, including compliance. Its an easy, passive system that allows nurses and prescribers to spend less time managing patient medications and more time in patient care.  For people, our direct delivery solutions ensure people can access their medications when they need them, where they need them regardless of geography.

Sometimes Imitated.  Never Duplicated.

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Nursing Station

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Direct to client Delivery

Homecare Programs

When delivering to healthcare facilities, our non language based systems ensures processes can be easily adopted regardless of preferred language spoken. Request a presentation about our services, and how they can be tailored to meet your needs!

Direct prescription delivery, rural and remote locations

For those individuals who want their medications delivered rurally or remotely, we offer direct, private delivery of your medications in packages that are discretely labeled, so no one needs to know your business.. Delivery is through Canada Post.   We accept all major insurance plans and all major credit cards. If you can get to Canada Post, then we can get to you!  Signature on pick-up required.

Nursing Station

Delivery of patient specific medications to Nursing Stations.   SpiritRx uses a managed refill process that ensures patient medications are ready for pick up when they need it.  Our refill process also significantly reduces duplicate packages, ensuring a patient’s most current medications are at the facility is waiting for pick up.

Health Centre

Delivery of patient specific medications to Health Centres.  SpiritRx uses a managed refill process that ensures patients medications are ready for pick up when they need it.  Our refill process also significantly reduces duplicate packages, ensuring their most current medications are at the facility is waiting for pick up.

Direct to patient delivery

SpiritRx can also offer direct to patient delivery through Canada Post for those patients who can take control of their medication management.   The healthcare team does not lose visibility of utilization and compliance status as our pharmacy provides ongoing status updates to support the clinical decision-making process.

Homecare Programs

Managing medications and medical supply in one place makes sense for Home & Community Care Programs and ensures that delivery of medications and supplies can been done by the Homecare team without waiting. Routine patient reviews with the nurses, prescribers, and our pharmacists ensures that your Homecare program can be pro-active rather than reactive to client needs.

on time delivery

On-time delivery Promise

We say what we can do, and we do what we say.  Be assured every effort will be made to honour our commitments for delivery, because we understand the challenges of remote living.

emergency rx delivery services

Emergency Shipping

When the closest hospital is a Medivac away, emergency services is a must. Our well established logistics ensures quick actions that will produce real results. In most cases, we can get your emergency orders delivered within 12-24hrs.

safe delivery

Safety and the delivery process.

closed chain of custody

Our closed chain of custody whether through delivery to facilities or direct to patients ensures safety and accountability every step of the way. For healthcare facilities, our custom designed packing slips save time by ensuring the receiver is verifying package contents rather than prescriptions and reduces the time to receive a shipment by 80%. For our direct delivery clients SpiritRx utilizes Canada Post, the only federally regulated delivery company in Canada.

signature on delivery ensures your safety


Whether direct to patient or cargo shipping to healthcare facilities, our signature chain ensures the documentation of the hand-off of the item at delivery. In both cases, the name of the signatory is recorded as well as the signature.

Tracking, delivery updates and delivery confirmation

For shipments through Canada Post, both shipper and recipient can track delivery progress with a unique tracking number. You can also track from Canada Post’s mobile app or receive email notifications.  For cargo shipments our track and trace department can advise you of the shipping status of every package in transit.

Need to track your package?

Call us at 1-877-612-2132 ext. 235 or if you have a tracking number click the Canada Post icon



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