Your treatment is in your hands

Taking routine medications routinely is harder than you think.

Learning to take routine medication routinely is a lot harder than you think.

It’s one thing for a physician to prescribe a medication, the next step is providing the tools that help be successful in taking medication as prescribed.

Drugs don’t work in people who don’t take them.

C. Everett Koop

Compliance.  It’s more than just a good idea.


As many as 75 percent of patients (and 50 percent of chronically ill patients) fail to adhere to, or comply with physician prescribed treatment regimens.

The first months after you start taking long term medication are critical as that is when you develop habits that could impact your health.  With medication used to treat chronic health conditions, it is important to take the medication as prescribed by your Doctor and as discussed with your Pharmacist.

The easiest way to develop good habits is to ask to have your medications packaged in a patient bubble pack card at least initially.   The visual reminders will go a long way in developing successful routines.  After a month, if you feel you have good compliance you can ask your pharmacist to package your medication in vials, or if you prefer, continue on with your bubble packs! This is the tool that can help you on the road to good compliance.