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Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Our Pharmacist team is available to help you review your medications and understand your treatment program.  Our Pharmacists represent a variety of  backgrounds and our Diabetes Education Centre offers programs, tips and links to other information to help you manage your Diabetes.  That is why we have searched the internet for great educational videos on a variety of topics.  These videos are available to you and support the educational efforts of your healthcare team.  These are instructional videos only and not a substitute for personal medical care.

How to use and inhaler

How to use a diskus

How to use a turbuhaler

How to apply a medicated patch

How to use a nasal spray

How to use a nicotine patach

How to test your blood sugar. This is a typical example. Some systems may vary.

How to put eye drops in your eye

How to put ear drops in your ear

How to use a nebulizer

How to use a nicotine gum